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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kudos to The Biggest Loser Dudes! WARNING- SPOILERS!

We've been very very into The Biggest Loser since it's third week, mainly to get weight loss tips and at times, watch the contestants fight with each other. Slowly, it's worked it's way into our hearts, and now we are proud to say we are full-on hardcore Biggest Loser junkees. Tonight was probably the best episode of the season. It was a 2 hour special, and the first hour focused on Trainer Bob and Trainer Kim going to two high schools and picking 5 kids from each school to do a mini-Biggest Loser training session. One little girl, Shannon, cried as she said that the week prior, her friends pushed her out of their circle because she had gotten too fat to hang out with them (I wonder how much of this is teen angst and overblown, but the kid was pretty upset), and another kid who signed on was voted the Homecoming Queen. The highlight is when the trainers got into the faces of the cafeteria workers and the principals for the crappy-ass food that has become a staple in so many schools nowadays. People, they are feeding your children the same food they give to prisoners. Prisoners! I've been studying a lot of this by reading stuff like Fast Food Nation, Don't Eat This Book, and The Great American Detox Diet, but it was awesome for mainstream press to put it out there where a large number of people may pick up on it for the first time. Impressive.

The second hour focused on the five remaining contestants. The final four will go on to the weigh-in at the live finale next week. The challenge this week was for the contestants to perform a triathalon. They encouraged each other warmly and, in a show of comradarie, when Wylie lagged behind during the swim, the rest of the group treaded water and waited until he caught up! Even Kai and Heather have changed so much- both appear to be less caustic. There are still some spats, but it appears to be more because of the emotional pressure everyone is under verses actual dissent. The final four will be Wylie, Kai, Heather, and our favorite, Erik, who has lost about 120 lbs! We can't wait for the finale!


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