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Monday, December 04, 2006

Our Slacker Pets

We've been eliptical training steadily for the past 9 weeks now, and have both noticed how much energy we are starting to get. It's not been the same for the pets. Both of them are usually up and running in the AM, but around 4 this afternoon, both of them were sacked out rather pitifully- Fee snuggled on the couch dosing under a blanket, and Bob at the top of the stairs, stretched out on his back, paws akimbo, resembling a rather uber-furry beached whale. I was home most of the day, and observed their activity, and I'm still not sure why they have such high fatigue levels:

7am: Wake up. Stick head out from under blankets. Lick and paw at sleeping parents until they awake.
7:05am: Scurry downstairs with Mommie. Await breakfast.
7:15am: Breakfast is served. Gobble it up. Burp loudly. Beg Mommie to go outside in the backyard.
7:15am-7:45am: Tool around outside, barking at whatever. Sniff. Go potty.
7:45am-Human Lunch: Follow parents from room to room. Run to window to observe various neighbors and sul-du-sac activity. Bark at anyone/thing/vegetable/mineral/vehicle that comes within a 500 feet radius of the house. Beg when parents eat lunch, although despite 6,000 consecutive meals in which she gets nada, Fee still attempts to win us over. Go outside about 3 times to observe and attempt to catch any intruders near our house.
Lunch-3pm: Snuggle. Nod off occassionally. Watch a little TV.
3pm-4pm Dr. Phil. Also, bark at holiday commericals featuring other dogs, cats, or the sounds of jingle bells. We have yet to figure out why she hates jingling bells so much.
4pm-4:15pm: Chase Bob around living room
4:15pm-bedtime: Follow parents from room to room. Go outside another 3 or 4 times. Attempt to beg when parents eat dinner, but are slightly distracted by a delicious Frosty Paw that parents provide so that they can eat dinner in peace. Attempt to also eat Bob's treat of Whisker Lickin's, but only because he tried to eat her food earlier. Also, at bedtime, attempt to eat Bob's food. Follow parents upstairs, get underneath covers and lay in between parents. Fall asleep.

7:30am: Coordinate with FiFi who will wake parents up. If FiFi's attempt fails, will scratch at bedroom door until one or both parents yell and come after him with a squirt gun. Usually, this can be avoided. FiFi takes her job seriously.
7:45am- Hang out downstairs with FiFi and Mommie. Attempt to eat FiFi's breakfast. Get squirted.
7:45-Human Lunch: Walk around various rooms, meowing as if no one is around. Wait to hear a "C'mere Bob!" and run to said parent. Run to window to observe various birds, small mammals. Use litterbox about 3 times. Alert FiFi to any suspicious activity, so she can bark.
Lunch-3pm- Vary where he lays down- next to couch, on couch, upstairs vestibule, Sassy Plushy Bed, the armchair in the den.
3pm-4pm: Attempt to swat at and bug Fee as she is trying to watch Dr. Phil and bark at jingle bells.
4pm-4;15pm: Run from FiFi as she chases him around the den.
4:15pm-bedtime: Continue to walk around various rooms, meowing as if no one is there. Jump up on trunk in dining room and receive Whisker Lickin's. At bedtime, receive dinner in the form of one cup of tasty kitty chow. Say goodnight to parents and FiFi.
Bedtime-morning: Free reign of entire downstairs. The power struggle is over- for now!


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