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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kevin Federline desperately needs one...and other facts about vasectomies

DISCLAIMER: Many of you have kids, and you are all awesome parents, and your kids are beautiful. Thanks!

I've been reading a lot about other people's kids recently. That type of news is EVERYWHERE nowadays. Seems like every chick mag has at least one article about having them, but also, there have been a rash of bad parents too- in the last 48-72 hours, there have been two front-page news stories here in Virginia- the first is the story of little Shawn Futrell, age 6, who was stabbed 7 times by his mother, Julie. Julie's now on the psych unit at Southside Regional Medical Center. No motive has been given. Unfortunately, in a much more dramatic case, authorities found the small body of 2 1/2 year old Mali Lowe, who had been beaten and strangled, most likely by her father, Michael Lowe. Lowe then went on a bizarre crime spree that involved a hit-and-run crash, a carjacking, and then he was killed when he decided to jump into oncoming traffic on I 64- he was struck three times, one of the vehicles being a tractor trailer. In less malignant news, we have the whole Brit-KFed custody scandal. Apparently, both are seeking custody of the Spears-Federline crotch droplets, and both are out partying hardy (Brit's apparently got a big chick crush on Paris Hilton) to show just how good parents they truly are.

My question is...why is the need to breed so big now? I mean, the Democrats won the Congress- so for now, Roe V. Wade is safe. We have every conceivable contraceptive device out there. Our society has evolved to the point where we can raise a fine dog, dress it up, carry it along anywhere, and never once hear the words "I HAAAAATE YOOOOOU!!!" But still, tell someone you don't think you're up for poppin' out a few sprogs, and you get sheer pity. "Oh, but you don't mean that! You'll change your mind one day!" Maybe, maybe not.

Journalist Judy McGuire has an amazing article in the latest issue of BUST Magazine entitled "Newborn Free: Women who choose not to have kids are mad as hell at people who continuously pass judgement on their lives and bodies, and they're not going to take it anymore." McGuire gives us the skinny on a new wave of internet saavy non-mom communities (one of them is Live Journal's Childfree Hardcore) as well as staggering facts on how women are met with resistance by health care professionals when they come in to discuss sterilization procedures. According to the article, "many doctors won't even implant an IUD in women who have never been pregnant," a source in the article from Tennesee states, " most of the doctors I've contacted would not tie tubes if you were under 30 unless you had at least two children before or were married and...HAD THE WRITTEN APPROVAL OF YOUR HUSBAND." Grrr. The article goes on to describe a family on the Dr. Phil show where the mother compared life with her children to a prison sentence. She basically told her kids she regrets that they were born. Dude. That's just effed up.

So, childful and childfree folks: what do you say?? No nasty flame comments please.


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