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Saturday, November 11, 2006

So good, yet, so bad!

We have continued to watch The Biggest Loser despite our highly disgusted first impression of it. We liked Brian, but after he was eliminated, we like watching Erik, Marty and Wylie. Kai and Heather are still contending, and they are really unpleasant, so we cheer when the boys win challenges and elimination. The boys also appear to be better sports than the women, who are edited to appear bitchy, cunning and vindictive. The thing that impresses us so much is that all the people have been losing weight and keeping it off, through a combo of good nutrition and intense exercise. And of course, Trainer Bob totally rocks out!

In other weight loss news, we finally bit the bullet and got a new bathroom scale. This scale practically talks to you, and can also calculate your BMI as well as give your weight. I used to NEVER want to go anywhere near a scale, but in the past few weeks, I hopped on our old one regularly. I've been pleased with the results!


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