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Thursday, July 10, 2008

TAM 6 Jenn's Journal

June 16th 2008. Norfolk, Virginia
The Odessey begins. This evening, after we rejoiced over the arrival of our Economic Stimulus check (Merci, President Bush- it's about effing time you did SOMETHING right- just kidding, Commando N' Chief! We cool? Okay, good.) we headed to Norfolk in record time. We had a lovely seafood dinner at The Willowby Inn, where the shrimp melted in my mouth and the owner's wife gave me a hug. She also gave John a hug.

June 17th 2008. Norfolk, Virginia. Sometime around 4:00AM
Awake. But, no anxiety. The last Xanax I had was more than 12 hours ago. I haven't flown since before September 11, 2001. Even before all of that stuff happened I was terrified of flying. Somehow, this trip, I felt a bit more sane going into it. Maybe it was the fact that John would be with me. Maybe it was the countless hours I spent pouring over books with titles such as Flying Without Fear, All You Wanted To Know About Planes But Had No One To Ask, and America From The Air. Maybe it was just talking to lots of people, including flight instructors, who extolled the virtues and beauty of flying as well as the impecable safety records of the airlines. I keep in mind the fact that John and I were more likely to get killed on our way TO NORFOLK than we are in a plane crash.
Sometime around 7:00 PM Las Vegas time
One toke over the line, Sweet Jebus. There is a way to imbibe wine for free in this magic place (just sit down at a slot machine)! Which is what we did soon after we got here. We checked into the Flamingo this afternoon, had a lunch/dinner at one of the restaurants downstairs. We had General Tso's Chicken. Yummers. Then, we gambled. I won about $200 at the magic slot machines where beautiful women bring you free wine! This place is amazing! We can see two large mountains from our window here at the Flamingo. The bigger one I have named John. The smaller one is Jenn. Our flight was wonderful. We flew over beautiful mountains and the Grand Canyon. Flying into Vegas we could see the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Vegas Strip. I am cured of aviophobia. My only sad regret is that I have not realized the beauty of America from the air before. I love not being fearful of things I don't understand- of stupid shite. I am already having a passionate love affair with Vegas. Such an amazing city.

NEXT ENTRY: Volunteering, meeting James Randi, Penn and Teller, the SGU and meeting Banachek and other really cool people.


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