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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Angels and Demons is a really good book...

We've been listening to it for about a week now on CD. It's similar to Dan Brown's other bestseller The DaVinci Code, but it's extremely well written and quite suspenseful.

Other news about stuff we're into now. On Memorial Day Weekend we travelled up to the bustling metropolis of Scranton PA to visit the Houdini Museum. We're big fans of Houdini, the guy who basically paved the way in magic illusion, entertainment, and debunking of utter crap. He made it possible for guys like James Randi and Penn and Teller. The museum is a small house on Main Street in Scranton and it hosts three major attractions. The first is the Houdini tour, which basically takes you through the museums impressive collection of Houdini memoribilia and replicas of some of the apparati used in some of his most famous tricks, such as the milk can escape and the Chinese water torture trick. The second part is a kid friendly magic show where museum curators Dorothy Dandridge and Bravo the Great perform some of Houdini's tricks. In the evening time there is a three hour show on psychic tricks and paranormal illusions. Very interesting. Also, since we're huge fans of the U.S. version of the hit show The Office, we found some familiar landmarks featured in the show (We ate and shopped in The Steamtown Mall, which was featured in a recent episode). We really liked Scranton and we're definately going back.


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