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Friday, May 27, 2005

I Wonder Where They Got Their Idea For This?

I was reading todays posts on the news section and stumbled across this. Hmmm I didn't know Jenn and I started a trend. I guess our site has to be more flashy to get the media to pick up on us. I mean we've only had this blog running for four months now.

Nahhha, I'm not being bitter, we're just so far from the typical cookie cutter wedding that we try and avoid all that "wedding porn" as Jenn would refer to it. You know what we're reffering to, all the stuff the wedding industry shits out and says this is what you need to spend and the unnecessary crap you need to buy to have a memorable day. We don't need to blow a small fortune to show everybody how much we love one another. If you think we do then we'll gladly start accepting donations. The more you spend the wilder the bash!


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