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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Runaway Bride, Part 2

The good things about The Runaway Bride story:

1) She's alive, and for the most part, okay.
2) Her doll of a fiancee sympathizes and wants to give her space and time before the "W" word is mentioned again around her.
3) Leno and Letterman have at least a week's worth of material
4) Friggin hilarious thread about it on Indiebride.com

The bad things about The Runaway Bride story:
1) The chick's name is JENNIFER. Her fiancee's name is JOHN. Sucks to be us right about now.
2) She was a nurse. Double whammy.
3) The time, effort, and tears shed for this girl.
4) The unfair image of her fiancee as "Another Scott Peterson"
5) That it's gone on this long.


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