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Friday, October 27, 2006

Sigh. Sometimes I really hate my town.

I'm all for free speech and creating "theatres of the mind," but I have to say that this morning when I heard about the Q94 skit where the morning douches on the Morning Used Douche Show (sorry...the Sid and Melissa show) I was so ready to hear the FCC had Howard Stern-ed them into oblivian.

For those who weren't listening (I have to admit I was not- I hate Q94, I've always thought the DJs were pricks, and the music totally blows- my coworker told me about the skit and thought it was real) there was a broadcast where Q94 was trying to see how many helium balloons it would take to levitate a basket with a live cat strapped inside. During the skit, the impression was that the person outside accidently let go of the rope tethering the cat to the ground, and that the mistake was nonintentional. Also, they implored Q94 listeners to drive around the Short Pump area searching for a flying basket with a frightened cat inside. There was mention that a spokesperson for PETA had called lamblasting the radio station, the station manager called them in the office once the broadcast was over, and angry calls from listeners poured in. At one point the DJs told listeners not to call in and vent, because they had to keep the lines open for those with sightings of the cat, basket, and balloons. The impression was given that the cat was missing and possibly in danger When no news broadcasts carried the story, I ended up confirming with a newsroom clerk at one of the local television stations that it had been a hoax. Q94 has issued an apology on it's website, but there appears to be no action taken against the new morning show, who plans to have Kevin Federline as a guest next week (which, one could argue, is definately more obscene than a skit implying animal cruelty.)


1) As I've said, I've always hated Q94, and I listen to Elliot In The Morning. I've listened to clips of M&S, and boy did this suck out loud. Elliot could make this show his dirty meth-smokin' beatch.
2) I hope they did piss of PETA, and PETA goes to Clear Channel offices on Basie Road to pelt them with fauxblood waterballoons. (PETA people- it's spelled B-A-S-I-E, and it intersects with Count Road. I'm not making this up. This is how lame our town is.)
3) I am hoping such douchery gets their asses fired.
4) Anyone wanna go over to Clear Channel and launch balloons? We can chant something PETA-esque, like: "Vegan power! Aminal justice! Hey hey, ho ho, Melissa Chase is a cat hatin' ho! and "Animals rule, humans drool?"

Who's with me???


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