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Sunday, December 14, 2008

FiFi The Hero!

I just got off the phone with my mom, who has breaking news! It seems that, while playing outside in their yard (she’s vacationing at my mom’s house), FiFi and Mom spotted an older golden retriever running down the very busy street in which they live. Mom called the dog over and put her in their rather spacious backyard, and then she and Fee got into Mom’s minivan (the Mystery Machine) and Scooby-do’ed the neighborhood until finding a frantic woman in a car with the window rolled down. Seems the dog got loose as the family house was undergoing a gutter cleaning. The lady followed Mom to House of ‘Rents and was reunited with her pup. Mom called with the story of how Fee saved a dog’s life!!! (Okay, it wasn’t really that exciting, but cut her some slack, she’s only 10 pounds!) Fee will be rewarded with an extra day of vaca and treats and spoiling galore. A parade in our neighborhood is pending (if the neighbor kids can get it together enough and form a line whilst waving flags and pulling Fee along in a wagon whilst not getting run over by cars). Way to go Feefer!


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