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Friday, June 17, 2005


The Runaway Bride will be interviewed by Katie Couric on Tuesday, June 21 at 8PM.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Wrasslin' Wedding

As many of you know, John and I are HUGE wrestling fans. Our favorite wrestler is a guy named Adam Copeland, known in the wrestling world as the character "Edge." Edge has recently gotten a much-needed push in WWE recently, with two title shots pending (he has won every title there is, except for the Heavyweight Championship). Okay, before I get to the point of why the hell this wrestling dude is on a pink site about weddings, a bit of a back story:

1) About this time last year, WWE superstars Matt Hardy and Amy "Lita" Dumas were boyfriend and girlfriend. They were also longtime friends and rivals with Adam "Edge" Copeland.

2) In September of 2004, Adam "Edge" Copeland got married for the second time, to a woman named Lisa Ortiz. He had been divorced from his first wife for approximately 7 months. Matt and Amy attended the wedding.

3) While all of this was going on in the real world, the WWE storyline involving Matt Hardy and "Lita" called for Glen "Kane" Jacobs to harass Lita, and she sleeps with him so he won't beat the bejesus out of Matt Hardy. (For those of you not involved in wrestling, Glen "Kane" Jacobs is a huge summabitch and is "dangerous.") She ends up preggers with Kane's Demon's spawn, and is forced to marry Kane because, one could argue, a lack of good feminist creative writing from the obviously non-feminist WWE team. But, anyhoo, during the wedding, Matt shows up in an attempt to rescue Lita, only to have the living bejesus beat out of him. Ironic, nes pas? The WWE will often "injure" a character just as the real wrestler portraying him- this twist in the storyline allows Matt Hardy, stricken with a torn ACL in real life, to have surgery. He'll be out of commission several months. Anyhoo, as the storyline unfolds, Lita suffers a miscarriage after she gets involved in Kane's match and Kane trips and falls on her. The two realize that they both loved the baby despite all the turmoil, and they become a bit of a power couple after they grieve the loss of their child for the appropriate amount of time (2 RAW episodes).

4) With Matty out, Amy Dumas begins traveling with Adam Copeland. Details are scarce, but in Feburary of 2005, Matt Hardy reveals on his website that he and Amy are splitsville, that Amy cheated on him with Adam "Edge" Copeland, and proceeds to whine rather unflatteringly loudly. He talks about it so much, his fans chant "You Screwed Matt!" at Edge and Lita during WWE shows. WWE management wasn't happy because they dislike having real life personal issues cross over into storylines, and Matt Hardy was fired for making trouble. Matt continues to speak openly about all this on his website. In my honest opinion, I felt sympathy at first, but now that Matt has a new lady friend named Lori, a whole buttload of publicity and a rather rabid fan base, as well as a new reality show coming out, AND a new job lined up with TNA wrestling in July, I now just consider him a bit of a sourpuss. He even got Adam Copeland's wife, Lisa, to post a message on his message board Adam Copeland and Amy Dumas have yet to say anything on the subject.

5) Because of all the publicity surrounding Adam "Edge" Copeland and Amy "Lita" Dumas, WWE Creative Writing Team hatch a plan to involve the lovers in their own storyline, which has Lita turning on Kane and joining Edge. For a few weeks now, Edge and Lita have appeared on each RAW episode, making comments about Kane's sexual performance (or lack thereof) and making out massively. Last night, they announced that on the next episode of Raw, they'll be getting married.

So, that's where we are. Next week I'll be covering the wedding of Edge and Lita for this website. If it's like other wrasslin weddings (one of which involved 2 men), it will definately be an alternative to cookie cutter weddings. And that's what this site is all about! See you later!!!