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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

They Should Just Call That Show "Big Fat Jerks."

DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion. Don't send hatemail if you don't agree. Thank you.

It's no big (pardon the pun) surprise to our friends that we are in the process of losing weight. About 6 weeks ago, we found a wonderful registered dietician named Sharon, who meets with us in two to three week intervals to monitor our progress. So far, it's really amazing. We've lost over 30 lbs collectively, and we're eating better, moving better, living better. We're absolutely proud as punch of ourselves.

So, we decided to finally bite the bullet and end our reality television boycott and watch The Biggest Loser. We have the book, and it's a friendly little weight loss manifesto, and I've seen one or two episodes of the Special Edition where the families team up and lose weight together, and I have a soft spot for Trainer Bob, so we'd figure it would be cool, we'd get some weight loss tips, and maybe find a favorite Loser to root for as the season wore on.


Okay, in case you don't know, The Biggest Loser involves two teams- a red team, and a blue team. Each team has to work out, diet, bond, and hopefully lose weight together. At the end of each episode, each team member weighs in. The team that loses the least weight must vote someone off. It's like Fat Survivor.

This episode, the two teams were competing on a cruise ship. The main challenge was that they had to deliver trays of food to a certain "passenger" who just happened to be a member of their family. But, there were also other passengers on board, some of whom were elderly. I remember seeing at least two competitors snapping at passengers "outta my way!" while pushing past. One competitor, named Heather, actually screeched throughout the ship's spa "I NEEEED A SIIIIGNATURRE!!!" before finding her husband.

Heather and her co-horts, Pam and Kai, have openly told others that they want a female to win. When the red team fails to lose weight and therefore have to eliminate someone, there is the typical bedroom shots of the three red team shrews plotting to eliminate a male team member, and they approach another team member in an attempt to oust this other competitor. My stomach sunk.

The sad thing is, when the red team was screwing each other over, they were crying fake reality tv tears while proclaiming their love for their team and that this experience was so difficult and yet, so gentle. Bullshit. It got so that I actually enjoyed watching their fat asses struggle with the workouts. Their intense pain made me happy.

Basically, the Biggest Losers are just that- these are the worst kind of people- they paint themselves as victims because of their weight, but really they are just as venomous as the skinny gold digging crackwhore on the other reality show. With B.L., there is just more of them to hate. Fucking reality tv.


  • At Wednesday, October 04, 2006 8:34:00 PM, Blogger John said…

    What also irked me with Heather was when she started to cuss out the people who wouldn't sign the ticket for her because they weren't the passenger she was suppose to deliver to. She basically was trying to cheat by asking everyone she ran into to sign her ticket for her and looked all sad and innocent while doing so but then turn angry and offensive when they said no.


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