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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ain't Love Grand?

Welcome to our wedding blog. We decided to do this for a couple of reasons:
1) We've wanted to do a co-blog for some time, and we figured our wedding was a good reason to do so.
2) We wanted a neutral place to discuss our wedding, so as not to bore our friends to tears and thus avoid the whole "I liked them SOOO much better before that whole damn wedding nonsense started." Seriously, a lot of people become obsessed with their nuptuals, and take it out on the innocent bystanders that they know and love. Hopefully, by having this blog, we won't do that.
3) We have done a bit of research going into this thing, and we've found that the wedding industry can be very weird to work with. Especially if you're like us, a hippie and a metal head, who don't really want a whole lot of hoopla around this event. So for all those hippie/metalhead combos out there, this blog is for you. We will try to demystify ourselves of this strange fantasyland and try to focus on what really matters- the marriage that will follow. Don't know about other people out there, but for us this is much more important.

So, for those of us who don't know who the hell we are...
Jenn: 28 year-old RN who specializes in Hospice care in a home setting. I'm the one typing right now. I guess you can read my profile, as I don't wanna bore you by rehashing that all here.
John: 29 year-old graphic designer. He's my main squeeze, also known as Da Groom. We share a love of Star Wars, Irish-American Pub Music, comics, professional wrestling (Edge Rules!), The Simpsons, Kevin Smith movies, Eddie Izzard, South Park, edgy stand-up comedy, The Muppets, all of the cartoons on Adult Swim, etc. etc. etc. He'll also be contributing to the blog.
History: We met on Jim and Judy Guy's front porch on St. Patrick's Day 2001. We were both roadies for the Guy's band, Uisce Beatha. John says he thought I was really cute, but was deterred in his attempts to flirt by the fact that I was in a pretty serious relationship at that time. But over time we got to be very close friends and confidants, and when my relationship ended, after the initial mourning period expired, I realized that giving it a try with John seemed to be the right thing to do. We've been dating about 2 years now, and we got engaged in August. We're planning for April 22 of next year, but like Wrestlemania, the card is subject to change.
Why the title: Floyd and Janice are the bassist and lead guitarist, respectfully, in the Electric Mayhem band on the Muppet Show. I think they're a better couple than Kermit and Miss Piggy anyday. Janice is into organics, and she was the first Muppet to cuss (she said the word "hell" during a song in The Great Muppet Caper). Floyd is a nice male prototype, macho and sensitive at the same time, very genuine. Sort of like John. They're awesome...that's why the title.

Right now I'm tired. More tomorrow.


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